Sunday, July 10, 2011

Paper Quilling Flowers

Summer vacations are on here in US. Its amazing how busy parents get when kids are not going to school. It becomes a big task to keep them engaged and not listen to " I am getting bored " all the time ( so I hear from other parents..mine is still on two syllable words). Luckily when kids are interested in crafts its not that uphill a task :).

I have a new student and I must say for a 10 year old she is really is quick at learning. I enjoyed teaching her and was surprised how fast she picked up the techniques. She has little background in quilling so its not totally new to her. She saw one of the cards I made with husking flower and wanted to make one. Here is what she made on her first attempt.

Our second class was all about fringed flowers. We made variations of the fringed flowers and then arranged them to make a card. It was a fun project and now she has a sample of each to practice later at home.

You can see our tutorial for fringed flowers here.

It is so fulfilling to see your student understand and enjoy what's being taught. We are going to attempt making a butterfly in our next class. With summer at its best in Seattle, it seems to be just the perfect project to try.


  1. She has done really good, its great that you can share your art that you enjoy with someone, keep up the good work!!!!

  2. Wow. your pupil is very good.Not a wonder as the teacher is so talented!

  3. It's great that you have a new student! It's always more rewarding to be able to share your craft. She has done a great job with the husking - more than I could!

  4. Thank you all. Will convey the compliments to her.


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