Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Paper Quilled Theme Photo Frames for Kids

Like most of my creations, this one was inspired for two kids who happen to be my kiddo's closest and best friends. It just so happened that while thinking about some new product ideas for our online etsy shop (which I call product development) it dawned on me what to create if it were to gift to both of them. Luckily I didn't have to think much. I had a helper, my 3 yr old daughter helped me out.
She immediately told Fire Truck and balloons for Aarav and Air plane or Space ship for Arhunth. What followed was cute little photo frames with paper quilling embellishments of their choice.

It is so interesting to watch kids interpretate your creation. I was happy that Aarav could really see the fire truck in those paper quilled strips. And yes, what I thought was balloons were actually lollipops for him. Thankfully those are his favorites too. I learnt my lesson, look for a better way to make balloons :-)
This is what Aarav got for his birthday.

Now it was Arhunth's turn to get something personalised. He loves airplanes of any kinds. My daughter Anoushka had recently learnt about space shuttle so that was her obvious choice. This is what Arhunth got as a keepsake gift, a picture frame with paper quilled space shuttle and paper quilled alphabet A. This time I got full marks as he was able to identify the space shuttle as well as the alphabet A.

Both kids loved it, as well as their moms. Anoushka loved giving it to them.


  1. Aarav loved it :) The gifts are really thoughtful. Special thanx to mommy and princess Anoushka.

  2. Thanks jonsonhelles. Love your canvas pictures blog/website/store.

  3. Nice Post! This is creative and amazing Photo Frames. I like handmade items very much. We can make use of these as gifts.


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