Monday, November 8, 2010

Holiday Theme Gift Box

Like everyone else we are great admirers of a beautifully wrapped gift. Don't you love it when someone takes all the effort to buy a meaningful gift and then present it in a lovely package to make the experience everlasting.

A gift in a uniquely beautiful wrapping leaves a lasting impression,sometimes greater than the gift itself. A beautifully wrapped gift tells the story of how much effort,care and love is behind the gift. It adds a tremendous value to the actual gift inside.

This holiday season we will bring you a series of uniquely beautiful gift wrapping ideas. Do give them a try.They are not as difficult as they sometimes seem to be. We will walk you through it step by step.

The picture aboveis a wonderful example of how a plain white box can be converted into something extra special.

Supplies you will need:
- White paper mache gift box
- Paper doily
- Gold glitter
- Glue
- Double crepe paper red
- Quilling paper green
- Red paper copying paper thickness
- Doily Punch Martha Stewart collection

The white paper Mache box as shown in the above picture are available in many craft stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby. They are available in various sizes, small, medium and large. To make this punch out doily strips using the Doily Punch from Martha stewart collection. You can use any other punch you like too.
Click here for the paper quilled roses tutorial. The leaves are made with the basic quilling shape of tear drop.

You can use golden doily or apply golden glitter on a white doily and make it look more festive. At the center glue the roses and leaves. Glue or tape the doily laces as shown. With a little bit imagination you can convert a plain simple looking white box into something extra special. Let it dry.

Use this to gift someone this Holiday season. It can be used as a birthday gift box or a Christmas gift shop, as a Diwali gift box or for any other special occasion.
Do give it a try and let us know how it turned out.
Happy Holidays.

Tip: If the white paper mache box is not available , you can spray paint a brown paper mache box with a color of your choice. It is better than using a white paper to first line it and then decorate it.

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