Monday, August 2, 2010

Paper Airplanes

Coming Soon...with more photographs and complete instructions.
Paper Airplanes have been our favorite since childhood. I remember making them along with my younger sister (co-blogger). I think our mom introduced us to the world of paper airplanes,boats and origami for that matter. When we first saw it, it was mesmerising.It seemed like magic. How a flat piece of paper can be converted to something so beautiful and 3D. All you have to do is to follow the simple steps. The idea of making the your own toy and that too in any color you want and as many as you want was so fascinating. I have recently made these for my daughter and some of the kids of my friends and they have been a huge hit. Though some of them knew how to make one of those airplanes, they were really excited to know how to make the others. I must say variety is the key with kids. Some of my readers requested to post some crafts for boys. Though all the craft we make here can be made by Boys too, I think this will definitely be a favorite among boys.Paper Airplanes, though sound simple
are made in so many different ways. We will share as many airplanes as we know and some more along the way as and when we get to know how to make more of these paper airplanes. They are easy to make, however younger kids might need some help from parents for some of the little complex ones.But once made, they are great to play with and some do fly longer and faster than others. Make them and find out for yourself. Do share which ones you made and which ones you like most.Parents come fly with us in the childhood memory lane and help you kids create their beautiful memories.Give wings to their imagination.
Complete instructions coming soon... Stay tuned.


  1. Good one Nimisha!!! luv it...luvit..luv it.
    Very creative :) indeed. I am sure I will find lot's of stuff here to keep Aniyora busy :) Keep it up.. Awesome :)


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