Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Origami Paper Airplane

Give wings to your creativity....

As promised we are back with the step-by-step instructions for making these wonderful origami paper airplanes.
Let us start with this blue airplane. The first one we learned from our mom. Blue is the color of sky and what other color better than this to represent flying in the sky.We have started with this airplane as this is the simplest and does not have many steps to follow. For a beginner this is the best paper airplane to start with. Believe me it flies high and longer too.

So let us start making this beautiful paper airplane.

You will need:

-A4 sheet paper (yes that's about it) in your choice of color.

Instructions :
Follow the step by step instructions and refer to the corresponding pictures as shown below:

1. Take the A4 sheet paper and lay it on a flat surface.

2. Fold the A4 sheet paper in half as shown in picture. Crease and open it.

3. Hold the left corner and bring it to the crease at center. Crease. Repeat for
right corner. The paper will look as in picture step 3.

4. The paper as in step 3 has a pointed end. Hold it and fold it downwards as shown
in step 4. Crease 3 times using finger or back of a spoon.

5. Again take the left end corner and bring it to the center crease line. Press it
firmly using back of spoon or fingers three times. Repeat for right end corner.
It will look like as shown in step 5.

6. Hold the tip of the little upside down triangle as in step 5 and fold it upwards.
Refer step 6.

7. Fold the paper backwards and crease as shown in step 7.

8. Now take the upper part of the flap and fold again and make sharp crease as shown.
Repeat it for the lower flap too.Crease firmly. You can use back of table spoon
to make it easier. These will be the wings of the airplane.

9. Turn it over. Now it will resemble the shape of the airplane.

10.Turn it over again and flatten it by holding at center and rubbing on a flat

Your paper airplane is ready to take off. Have fun. The more you make the better you get at it.

-Click on the picture to see bigger image.

-Boys and girls both can have hours of fun playing together. You can even have competitions of whose airplane is faster and whose airplane flies longer.

-You can use old magazines papers as well to make this paper airplane. Also,you can take used gift wrapping paper,cut in A4 size sheet to make it.When these paper airplanes are made from such used papers they make wonderful green crafts and are more colorful and different too.

-You can use different sizes of rectangular papers to make different sizes of these airplanes.

-You can decorate them too, write your names, make your own designs or even write some airlines names too.


  1. Paper Plane...Thanks a lot...I was looking for this craft idea....thanks for reminding me of my childhood skill...do you know how to make boat and lotus from paper....?:-)

  2. Thanks Bhushan.Glad that you found the post useful. We do know how to make boat and lotus from paper.
    We have already planned making those too. Stay tuned. It will be posted soon.


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