Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Paper Quilled Rose and Daisy Wall Art Tutorial

As promised earlier, here is the detailed tutorial of my Valentine’s Day creation- The Quilled Rose and Daisy Wall Art.
This simple yet delicately beautiful wall art is easy to make if you have worked on paper quilling basic shapes earlier. Check out our previous posts for detailed instructions on basic shapes.

You will need
- White and Red Duplex Paper ½” strips
- Yellow and Green quilling paper ¼” strips
- Pollens and Beads decoration accents
- Paper quilling tool
- Glue
- Scissors
- Marthastewart Simple Paper Trimmer- optional
- Card stock : 51/2” x 51/2”
- Shadow box : Ikea 51/2” x 51/2”

The variety of colors that are available in duplex paper and its texture inspired me to attempt paper quilling using this paper. I am sure you will agree the results are good too.
This paper is particularly good for creating flowers as it retains the shape you create and it comes in double shades too. This adds depth and definition to your creation.
Follow the step- by-step snap shots in the illustration below to understand how to create the duplex paper quilled rose. You will have to cut the strips using scissors or paper trimmer.

For this piece of art you will need 10 red roses, 4 white roses and 4 daisies.

Use basic shapes to create quilled paper leaves and tendrils. I made couple of leaves using duplex paper too.

Arrange the flowers and leaves as per the photos below. Since, this was a Valentine’s day creation I have arranged the flowers in heart shape. The heart shape is evident in the top view.

Refer to the close up pictures for details of how to arrange. You can decorate it with pollens,beads and other decoration accents to add more delicate details. You need a very little glue to stick the flowers etc on the card stock.

Frame your art.

Double crepe paper or duplex paper is easily available from multiple sources online.

If the notch in your quilling tool is unable to hold the thickness of duplex paper you can use bamboo skewer too for this.

If this is your first attempt at paper quilling then I would suggest practice some basic shapes using paper quilling strips before attempting this with duplex paper.

P.S. Click on the picture for larger image.


  1. Wow, Amazing work.... Wonderfull :)

  2. Beautiful quilling ever..

  3. I tried these red roses but I unable to do. Will you please explain in more details instead of snapshots?

  4. @Neha Could you please specify what exactly is the problem you are encountering? You can email me at and I would gladly explain it to you.

  5. Lovely flowers. Good idea to use duplex paper

  6. we have to put the box frame with glass on top right?


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