Sunday, March 7, 2010

Coin Purse with Foam Stickers

This cute little coin purse was decorated by my 2 year old daughter on her birthday. I was not too sure whether this project was ideal for her age or not. Still I gave it a try. To my pleasant surprise it was a great hit. The moment I showed her this coin foam purse and the glitter stickers, she got so excited. This purse is still the favorite handmade possesion she has. Decorating the foam coin purse with attractive foam stickers is a very good activity for little kids esp girls.
You as a parent just need to give them the supplies and let their creativity juices flow. Help only when they ask for it. Once it is done, they feel so happy about creating something on their own. It boosts their confidence.What follows is hours of playing and admiration of their own little creation. This is a good idea for birthday favors as well as play dates.
This is how we did it.
Supplies needed-
Ready to decorate Foamies Coin purse 3 1/2" tall & 4" wide .
Foam stickers with glitter flowers and leaves

Follow the pictures for the steps of creating this cute craft.

The purse and stickers are easily available in craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby. It is cheaper to get them online if you need them for lot of kids. Click the links above for some of the resources I found online.


  1. so pretty,my two year old daughter loves crafting too,especially clay and sticking rhinestone
    i will try something similar too



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