Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Origami Jack O' Lantern for Halloween Decoration

Any Halloween decoration is not complete without the Jack O' Lantern decoration.This year I have tried to create a simple yet wonderful Origami Jack O' Lantern wall piece. Its an inexpensive, easy craft for kids and other family members to create and enjoy. You can use the Origami Jack O' Lantern even without the background and make many of them and display on wall or windows.
I am creating this for wall decoration and as one of the pieces in the set of three Origami Halloween Wall Pieces.

Supplies needed:
- Orange Origami Paper 7"
- Card Stock Black
- Self sticking foam sheets: Glitter green and black and Glitter Silver
- Craft Knife
- Scotch Tape

Follow the instructions for basic origami techniques as discussed in previous posts.
Following pictures show the step by step instructions to make the Origami Pumpkin.
Once you have made the basic pumpkin shape, using craft knife cut out the eyes, nose and the mouth from black foam sheet as shown in the picture.
Also cut the green glitter stem and the corners (using silver glitter foam). Refer the picture and stick them on the card stock.

The cute and easy to make Jack O' Lantern is ready.I added silver foam sheet with glitter as base to give the project a more finished look. Parents must supervise kids when using craft knife.

Tip: You can use different size of Orange Origami paper and create different size and kinds of Jack O' Lantern to make a bigger wall piece or window decoration.
Have fun.

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