Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Handmade Nursery Wall Art Part III : Monkey having fun

Here is the third one in the series of nursery wall art with jungle theme for a baby boy.

Following are the supplies I used for this project:
- Foam Sheets( yellow, orange, green, red and blue)
- Card Stock or any thick paper : brown
(brown foam sheets are preferred but I did not have them)
- Wiggle eyes
- Craft knife
- Glue and Scissors
- Scrapbook Sheets for background

I sketched the pattern for a monkey hanging from a tree. You can use a ready made pattern if you have one. I did not have brown foam sheets so I used card stock for the body. For monkey's face and tummy I used orange foam. Add wiggle eyes and draw the nose and mouth using a permanent marker. The main piece of the project is ready.

I used the same background as in previous ones of the series. Refer my previous posts on instructions to make it. Added a tree and some flowers to complete the look. I used paper punch to punch out circles from foam sheets to make flowers. An adorable wall art is ready to bring smile on your baby's face and yours.


  1. Great tips! I can say that this kind of designs will definitely the people would dream about, because of the quality and details put into the designs by their creators are breathtaking and these features are what people are searching for.


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