Monday, October 5, 2009

Handmade Nursery Wall Art Part-II : Lion

This is the second one in the series of Nursery Wall Decor with jungle theme. Now no jungle is complete without a cute lion :). Following are the supplies I used for this project:

- Foam Sheets( yellow, orange, green)
- Card Stock or any thick paper : brown
(brown foam sheets are preferred but I did not have them)
- Wiggle eyes
- Craft knife
- Glue and Scissors
- Scrapbook Sheets for background

I sketched the pattern for lion. Using craft knife I cut out lion's beard and paws from orange foam sheet and the body and face from yellow foam sheet. I glued the wiggle eyes and added the smile using a permanent marker. Then I glued the various cut outs together to make the lion. You can stop here and use it as is for decorating the nursery.

I added a tree using the brown card stock and cut out leaves from green foam sheet. Refer my previous post for making the background for the project.

Arrange the tree and lion on the background sheet. I also added some grass using green foam sheet to complete the look. The king of jungle never looked so adorable :).

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