Monday, September 21, 2009

Paper Quilled Jewellery Box / Keepsake Box

This craft project is a paper mache box (cardboard box) decorated with paper quilling. It can be used as a jewelery box, a keepsake box or a gift box.

Following are the supplies you need :

1. Paper mache box ( available in any craft store)
2. Paper quilling tool
3. Quilling Strips
4. Glue and Scissors
5. Acrylic paint

Paint the paper mache box inside out with the color you wish to use. I used a metallic bronze for mine. Let the paint dry completely before starting to decorate the box. You can sketch the pattern you want to make first before starting quilling. I made mine on the fly as it was not too complicated.

The shapes I used for my pattern are basic coil (center of the flower), tear drop (flower petals), petal (leaves) and S scroll (used on the outside edge).

To get the S scroll roll the quilling strip halfway in one direction. Then roll the strip from the other end in opposite direction. My previous posts on quilling have details on how to get various quilling shapes.

Here is another box I decorated using quilling. I used pearl white acrylic paint for this one. As the paper mache box is brown in color , if you are using a light color, make sure you apply multiple coats of paint.

I am planning to gift the first one to one of my girlfriends tomorrow. Hopefully she would like it :).

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