Thursday, November 20, 2008

Activity Board for Babies-An inexpensive way to add fun and education at the same time

Few days back I was reading about what should be done for 9 month old babies to aid in their development. One of the things that kept coming up was they should be exposed to pictures of various kind. The idea is to keep them interesting. It can be a picture of a cartoon character or a family member or of the baby himself. Through this you are making the baby familiar with its surroundings and what different things are there on this beautiful planet earth. So I came up with the idea of an Activity board. Not too sure of how my baby will respond to this, I started by buying a cork base activity board from Wal-Mart .Using push pins I decorated it with very simple things which I already had in my home. I had a birthday cap from one of the birthdays we recently attended and there was Elmo’s picture on that. I opened that cap and it turned out very interesting to put on the board. My baby is so excited to see Elmo on the board. She tries to look at the board and find out what’s new. I have put some pictures of Pooh, cut from one of the toys we have bought her recently. I also cut out very simple design of four butterflies from construction paper for a change and it was a big hit with my baby. Seems she loves the different colors and the change on the board. The height of the board should be just above babies can reach and at their eye level so that they can look at it with ease.

I keep updating it as and when I get time and keep changing the stuff based on what interests my daughter. This is how the activity board looks now.Now it also has some stuff made by her :).

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