Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fun Plastic Egg Crafts by kids on Playdate

Easter is around the corner, everyone is getting ready with Easter preparation.As far as we are concerned, we have always associated Easter with lots of fun and egg hunts and egg crafts.
Sometimes the Easter crafts or Spring crafts start a week before and sometimes on the day of Easter and at our home it usually continues till a week after at least.

This year my daughter wanted to do something with her friends who were coming on a play date.
From past years experience I realized this craft needs to be quicker than what I am used to. I hope you agree that patience usually runs out pretty quickly when 5-6 year old kids get together and do crafts.

I think this will be the easiest and probably the best DIY Easter Egg Craft I ever blogged about.

Supplies you will need :

-Plastic eggs
-Sharpies permanent markers various colors
-Pipe cleaner
-Scissors (optional)

To make it interesting I let kids do a little egg hunt in the basket filled with some eggs. Only few had something
inside it. Once a child finds a filled egg (took shaking a few to get a filled one),then that is the egg he or she works with. First part was to see what's inside- A little trinket for little hands.

Once they have the egg, its their imagination that took over. They could do anything they wished for. I kept couple of samples for them to know the possibilities.

This is what these crafty kids came up with.
So proud of you kids. Way to go.
They all had so much fun doing this. It was an evening to remember.

-Recently figured that these plastic eggs come with no holes, single holes or two holes. Most of the eggs we had were without the holes. I ended up buying the ones with holes as didn't have the time to make them. I think you can actually make them using pointed heated metal.I found buying was easier option as I was running out of time.
-Two holes are needed for the bunny Easter egg craft.
-Single hole is useful if you want to make a garland.
-Once the ears are made it is hard to make the eggs stand even on those little egg stands. You might want to keep them in baskets or hot glue a small piece of cardboard at the base. It should do the trick.
-It is a good idea to let the kids do whatever they want, you might help them here and there if they ask for it.

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