Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dumbo the Elephant lunch bag craft for preschoolers

Being so much involved in crafts I usually buy craft items separately. I have all kinds of papers and pom-poms,glue etc. When my daughter has to do a project I just think about the project and grab the things needed and she is ready to go. I guess this was my first experience of getting something in a kit. My sister gifted The Giant Busy Box to my daughter a while back. It was interesting to get something in a box and ready to craft. The instructions are pictorial and there is only one of a kind.

The supplies are not packed in a way that you pick one and you have all the things needed for a particular craft. Similar things are packed together like the lunch bags, pom poms. You still need to sort out and pick things. I think this is a good thing if you let your child figure it out and the child is up to it. If not then, parents should help. It was interesting to watch my daughter make this Lunch bag Elephant, which she instantly named Dumbo.

 Supplies: As shown in the picture plus some stickers which she figured out later.

 Observation: I let my daughter (referred as 'A' henceforth) chose what she wanted to make and figure it out herself. It took a little longer but she learnt a lot in the process. Glue stick might not work that well as the cut-outs are glossy. It might need more time to dry or you might offer the craft glue to stick some pieces.It is not so simple for kids as it might appear to you. Let them do it themselves but do provide encouragement and give hints.  

Things my child learnt:
 - Follow instructions: Understand pictorial instruction for something similar and apply that to make something else.
- Decision making- What she wants to make, what supplies will be needed.
- Implementation: Actually use the understanding and make the craft.
- Improvisation : Things might not work the way think they will, so we need to improvise.
- Accept others help: It is alright if things don't work, we might need help sometimes and it is alright to ask for help after trying first.

- Sense of Accomplishment: Feeling of accomplishment after looking at the completed project.

'A' took this project to school for "Show and Tell"and explained her friends and teachers how she made it. She was so proud that she made it all by herself. She quoted " The tusks and the tail were so tricky, they kept falling and falling. So if that happens always remember you can use that white craft glue and press and count 1 , 2, 3 ...and may be more till it sticks:) Trust me, it will stick".

And what followed was laughter, fun and hours of puppet play.  

Note:Alex Toys- The Giant Busy Box is a good purchase and keeps your kid busy and they learn a lot. The instructions are not so clear so preschoolers might need help.Not sure if the price is worth the supplies included but it sure saves time.  

Disclaimer: We were not compensated to write this review in any way. It was just a personal project.


  1. so cute, I remember helping my kids make these , many years ago,lol !!!!

  2. So sweet I like this cute Elephant box, it is very pleasing to eyes. I also help my kids to make these amazing crafts. I love watching kids doing mind boggling craft activities.

  3. Thanks for providing such a nice and helpful information.. good one

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