Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Craft for Halloween

Halloween is a festival my daughter waits all year long. Apart from dressing into some interesting outfits each year she loves decorating pumpkin. Halloween is not a festival we used to celebrate growing up but now it has become a family favorite one. If you want to know more about Halloween click here. Like last couple of years we have made pumpkin craft this year's Halloween too. With the new addition to our family( my cute little boy) I thought we might not be able to carve one this time. Thanks to the enthusiasm of my 4 and a half yr old daughter and my husband, we finally did it. This time I also contributed to carving. My daughter is the happiest person in the house once it was done. We had the pleasure of the presence of my parents. My dad took pictures and my 2 month old son was in the audience too. Here's how we did it. 1. Design selection- by my daughter. 2. Cut the lid. 3. Clean the inside using scraping tool.
4. Tape the template. 5. Trace using crayon. 6. Take out template and carve using tool. 7. Place a battery operated light inside the pumpkin and place the lid.
The above pictures are self explanatory, however if any of you want to know more please feel free to ask.
Note-Since sharp tools are involved Adults supervision and participation is a must. It is advisable to use the tools meant for pumpkin carving. It makes the task super easy and it is safer too. For tutorials of other pumpkin crafts we have already done click here.


  1. they are cute and daring them

  2. Hello.
    I'm a big fan of your blog. You have great ideas. I just wanted o let you know, I've awarded you the Blog Appreciation Award from Premio Colors. Go here to read my post and find out how you can award others.

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  3. Thanks Megha and Paula.
    Thanks Jason for the award. You have a fabulous site too.

  4. These are wonderful selections of pumpkin carvings! I also have a pinterest board featuring pumpkin carving ideas and designs that you may want to check out. I'd love to include some of yours if you won't mind. Cheers!

    All the best,
    Anne Walker


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