Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Paper Quilling Typography

I made this for a friend's son's Birthday. He turned four this year. His parents requested for no gifts for the party. Initially I  planned to make a birthday card with his name in quilled typography. I thought that would be a meaningful gift and being handmade rather than store bought would respect he no gifts request from the parents too ;). But while making the project I changed my mind and framed it so if they wish they can display it in his room.

His name is "Avi ". In our native language Hindi it means Sun and Air.  I tried to include the colors Orange Red and Yellow to signify the brightness of Sun and a cool blue as background with a few scrolls between the individual letters to signify "Air".  I added a sun over the letter "I" using special quilling strips with golden edge. I tried the bee hive technique invented by Susan  for the first time and it sure was fun.

The letters measure almost 2.5 " in height. The finished design is 5 " x 7" approx and is framed in a 8" x 10" matted frame. Here is another photograph of the finished project.

I would love to get your feedback/ comments. They definitely make my skies brighter here in Seattle :).


  1. This is very beautiful and sweet! Love how you combined the colors and strips to illustrate the meaning of his name! And the sun is very lovely!

  2. Loved it! Have been meaning to try something like this for a gift for my neice. Need to find the time though.

    This is beautiful :)

  3. Amrita, I love this idea. What a fun way to decorate a child's room and help them to recognize their own name. I especially like the treatment of the sun and the scrolls for the air.

  4. Thanks Kiddo, N and Ami. I want to make one for my son too..he is already identifying alphabets so looks like its time :)!

  5. Very nice. In line with the name. Susan's technique is very good for filling areas.

  6. bee hive is gorgeous technique!! Beautiful work!

  7. Thanks Gordana and Szalonaisa!


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