Friday, September 16, 2011

Paper quilling leaves card

I made this card for our ETSY shop  Navanka Creations some time back. I wanted to design something that could be given to men as well as women and for all occasions. I love the shaded quilling strips and I guess it did add dimension to this design.

Its surprising how the weather here has switched over to Autumn in a day. This entire week it has been cloudy  and rainy :(.  So from amazing summer in Seattle we are back to the Rainy Seattle.Back in India, with the hot summers rains used to be so welcome..Monsoon was my favourite season. How things change when you have too much of anything :).

Fall is beautiful here so thats one thing I am looking forward to.  With fall approaching I am thinking of revisiting this design with fall color shades. What do you guys think? Will love to get your opinion.

Hope to get some sun this weekend.


  1. The leaves and the background match so well

  2. It's a very elegant card! Well done. I think it would look great in a variety of colours! Even some darker greys could create a unisex sympathy card.


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