Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rocket theme birthday card

I made this one for my friend's son's 6th Birthday. I initially planned to make the card entirely with quilling but ended up making it with paper piecing and some quilling accents. I personalized the card with his name on the rocket / space shuttle. For the stars I used stickers.

I think this could be a cool wall art for a Boy's room also. I always find it hard to make creative stuff for boys..they need cool stuff and my first instinct is to make beautiful ( read flowery) stuff. With my son growing up, I do sometimes think of how will I make crafting fun for him. I think the best way to get boys interested in crafts is to incorporate their interests in the sports, animals, cars etc.  For pretty and cutesy crafts...will have to borrow my niece :).


  1. Such a cute card. I am sure it was well appreciated

  2. Congrats to your friend! I think she will like the card. Thanks for sharing us.


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