Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Personalised Frame Art and Tissue Paper Flowers

This summer creativity is in air. The summer craft classes are in full swing and I am glad I have such curious and amazing students.

The age range is 6 to 9 yrs and it is a great pleasure to share their lovely creations with all of you.

The above frame art was created by a brother and sister for their father.
The process of creating personaliazed pieces of art is very interesting.
For the same person, different people have different views. Like in this case for their Dad the kids have different opinions. They have different best memories with him.
At such a tender age they do have an opinion and know how to express it. One wants to call their father Dad and one Papa. The boy's memory of the best time he and his father spent together was when he played Cricket with him and the daughter's was when she went to Washington DC with him and she also said she loves it whenever they go outside together.

The picture frame project was designed to capture these special moments. Whenever they will look at the frame it will remind them about the wonderful time they spent together as well as the thought behind the project. Later they put their favorite picture with their father in the frame.

The best thing about the discussion was, it made them super excited about the project. Apart from learning expressing one's thoughts and feelings using craft projects, they learnt about template design, use of templates to cut various shapes,cutting intricate shapes using scissors, different kinds of glues, working with wood, working with self sticking foam and felt. The kids later told their Dad/Papa loved it.

During one of their classes they made tissue paper flowers. They made Fringed double color tissue paper flower and pleated multi-color paper flowers. They came out real well considering they made tissue paper flowers for the first time. Definitely this time the girl liked it more than the boy but I must say that the boy also tries his level best to attempt and enjoy all kinds of crafting challenges. As a teacher it is very fulfilling to see the students enjoy what they do.I wish them all the very best and many more hours of crafting fun.


  1. They did a wonderful job, and I think it's great to get children involved in crafts and Art, it's a positive action!!

  2. Great job kids, keep it up, would like to see many from like them, and appreciate their parents for encouraging them

  3. Thank you for becoming my follower.
    I also work with kids and their enthousiasm is so inspiring.

  4. @Paula,Suneetha,Anca and Dr Sonia. Thanks a lot. We still remember how motivated we felt when our parents and teachers encouraged us on every creation of ours. It meant a lot. We try to do the same. Thanks again for ur appreciation.

  5. Great job by these children. The tissue flowers are so pretty! How wonderful it must be to work with boys and girls.


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