Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cute Crotchet Craft for a Cute Kitty Cat Toy

Grandma's Love

This mother's day I thought of sharing about our mom. She mom is a born artist. She just puts her heart in anything she creates. Her expertise in Sewing and Crotchet are the best in our family. She has always encouraged us to express our creativity and do our best in whatever we do. We are blessed to have you as our Mom.

This is for you Mom. Happy Mother's Day Mom and Grandma (Nani).
On the occasion of Mother's day we bring you her latest and cutest creation.

This one is my favorite because it was made on demand and it is easy to make (even I tried making it myself). It made my kiddo the happiest kid in the world.

Here is how it all happened. Last weekend we went to a trip with my parents to Lake Geneva, WI. At Lake Geneva my daughter saw a cute little kitty toy at a gift shop. It was making a meow sound when pressed. Problem was, the one that makes sound didn't have a blanket(crotchet) and my daughter wanted a pink blankie for her cute little kitty. So she asked her Grandma, Nani can you make one for my kitty when we reach home? (She is aware of her expertise).
Grandma obviously said sure I can try. Delighted by the answer my daughter immediately decided which kitty she wanted to buy.

When we came back from trip, this was the first thing she got done by her Grandma.
I love this creation the most beacuse it made me see the love and the bond both of them shared. Really could see Grandma's love pouring all over.
My daughter says this cute little kitty in her blankie is my treasure.

Here is the picture of one I made in white yarn. That's all I had at that time.

Supplies needed:
Crotchet Hook

To create this you need some basic knowledge of crotchet.Not very tough for experts they say.

We will share some of her most admired and latest creations for her Grand kids. We will share this in a series of posts.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms and Grandmoms. You make this world so beautiful.

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  1. The story behind the crotchet is cuter than the kitty.


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