Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fun Balloon Critters Craft for kids

Recently, we had loads of fun making these Fun Balloon Critters. I mean really, this is one of those times when you suddenly come up with an idea and let the on the spot creativity do the rest of the work.

My niece who is about 4.5 yrs old was here at our home and her parents had to go shopping. I was baby sitting her and my daughter who is 3 yrs old. Both of them wanted to do some fun craft. When they want something fun it has to be really fun and that too immediate. I was running out of ideas. I had a lot of balloons in our house, thanks to my daughter's birthday party.
So, in order to make a creative use of these balloons we finally agreed on Fun balloon crafts.

These critters that you see in the picture are purely 100% their imagination. They kept telling me what kind of shapes and features they want and I was cutting them using colored peel and stick foam sheets.

I was so amazed by their imagination. What followed was more and more Fun Balloon Critters and hours of fun. Naming the balloons (eg the ones here are Spongi bobi the one with rectangle eyes, blue witch, teethy girlie monster,bunny rabbity), Balloon fights, critter stories, pretend play. You name it and they were doing it.

- Balloons
- Peel and stick foam sheets
- Scissors

Let your kids use your imagination and have fun doing this easy and unique craft.

-This is a wonderful activity for a Playdate or for a Birthday Party.
-Have some extra supplies as when the balloons blow out while playing, you need to motivate them to make new ones and play again.
- You can also used pre-cut foam stickers if you want to avoid use of scissors. Advantage is that you do not have to supervise much but then that limits a child's imagination to the availability of sticker shapes.

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