Monday, December 7, 2009

Festive Craft: Red Rose Paper Flower Arrangement in Silver Basket

This is one of the simplest and cutest craft I made. Simplest because I keep making roses. Once you get a hang of it they are not as difficult as they seem to be. And this is something I made very quickly,without much thought and my hubby loved it. This is one of his favorite ones.

This festive craft is perfect for Christmas as I have used the famous green Christmas bushes,silver basket brings the festivity and red roses add the love.

Supplies needed :

- Basket preferably silver
- Styrofoam -green
- Double crepe Paper -Red
- Green Christmas Bushes
- Glue
- Floral wire
- Floral tape
- Scissors

Prepare the basket by cutting the Styrofoam equal to the size of the basket base. Make sure that it is little lower than the top of the basket base. Fix the Styrofoam inside the basket. You might want to use glue to make it more secure.

Make five roses as shown in the earlier post of Paper Flower Arrangement. Keep the stem half inch longer than the depth of the basket so that the flower is little higher than the rim of the basket when you insert it in the Styrofoam.

Once the flowers are ready, trim the Christmas bushes such that they look like leaves when inserted in the Styrofoam. Insert the bushes till the Styrofoam is completely covered. Then
insert the roses as shown in the picture.
All the supplies are easily available at Michaels Arts and Crafts and the Castle in the air online store.Your lovely Festive craft is ready. You can decorate your house with it or gift it to someone special.

This Christmas do try this. Have fun.


  1. lovely arrangement...where do you get such amazing ideas from?? very creative...

  2. just amazing.. i love the way you describe it.. every time i read ur posts and see the pics.. i get overly tempted to try keep us posted and entertained with more posts


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