Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Origami Bat : Wall Piece for Halloween Decoration

After I made the Owl wall piece using the Origami technique, I felt like creating more of the kind. With halloween round the corner it made me all the more excited to do this. Here comes the Spooky Bat wall piece. I must say this is much easier than the Owl and they look great together.

Supplies I used:

- Origami paper (double shaded not mandatory though) 7"
- Foam sheets (self sticking): Brown, Glitter-- Red,Silver, Green
- Scotch tape

Follow the steps in the pictures below. Refer to basic techniques for origami discussed in previous posts.

Add eyes and mouth to the bat. Hang the Bat upside down as they are usually hung upside down. Use a dark blue background to depict dark sky. You can create the background with moon or flowers too. It is all upto your taste.

I have used Silver background to make the Halloween series as a set.They make lovely wall decorations for my kiddo.Here is a picture of the set.

Happy Halloween to all. Have fun.


  1. I am trying to do the bat but I don't quite see how to go from step 4 to 5. Thanks

  2. @Loli: Hi, thanks for asking.
    The folds from step 4 have to be opened so that it looks like step 3, now keeping one finger at the center line of the rectangle, try to open the right flap.Lift the bottom right corner in such a way that when it meets the left bottom corner you get the triangle shape which is like a flap. You will get the picuture as in step 5. Now turn the paper over and repeat. You will get the form as in step 6. Hope this helps. Feel free to send me email if you need more clarification.Happy Halloween.


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