Sunday, October 18, 2009

Diwali craft activity for kids

It was Diwali yesterday and we celebrated it at a fun get-together organized by one of our friends. It has become an annual thing where all of us gather for prayers followed by potluck dinner, games,dancing etc. Since its a big get together every family is assigned with a task and mine was to take care of kids craft activity.

We wanted it to be an easy to do activity with minimum mess (hence lesser supervision).The age range we had was 2 years to 10 years. I decided to make craft kits for kids to make Diwali greeting cards with sticky back foam sheets. They could then either exchange them or give it to their parents or other family members.

You get pre-cut foam shapes specific to Christmas, Halloween etc at craft stores like Michaels and JoAnn but not for Diwali. Hence I decided to cut the festival specific shapes likes diyas(earthen lamps lit on the Diwali day) myself and tried to use as many pre-cut shapes as I could in the sample designs. Luckily I got stars, and some basic shapes like rectangles, squares, circles , triangles, tear-drop etc which could be used to make traditional card patterns.

To give kids some idea on how to proceed I made few sample cards(see the first picture) with the traditional diyas, candles and one with a Rangoli. All the cards have different difficulty levels based on number of pieces and coordination required to achieve the pattern.
Here are the supplies provided to kids in the kit :

- Pre-cut sticky back foam sheet shapes
- Blank greeting card stock ( 2 per kit
- A disposable paper bowl to keep the foam sheet shapes
- Coloring pencils and crayons

It was fun watching the kids make cards and enjoying themselves.The diyas were the most favorite and I guess the credit goes to the foam sheets with glitter :). Elder kids tried to follow the pattern while the younger one simply enjoyed peeling the adhesive back and sticking the colorful shapes on the cards. Here are few pictures of their beautiful creations.


  1. Brilliant idea to involve kids in craft..simple yet beautiful...awesome..

  2. brilliant... so verry refreshing .. loved it..

  3. Lovely idea:)

    Please do share such activities for other hindu festivals too!!

  4. Thank you very much. I have been invited to do cultural activity with kids in 3 classrooms - approximately 68 kids. Your idea of creating a kit is a lifesaver.

  5. Wow, what a great creativity projects. These ccrafts are so precious,,, awww I love them all.

    ~ Marilyn
    Diwali decorations

  6. Thank you very much, simple yet brilliant idea ! But i wanted to know from which store I could get these 'sticky foam/ shapes?

    1. Hi JainMom,
      Sorry for the delay in replying..was travelling. We are based in US, we get it from Michaels, Walmart or Joann most of the times. Hope this helps.

  7. That sounds like fun! I wish there are also something like that in my area. My kids would sure love to create their own Diwali wishes and cards by themselves. This sure gave me inspiration. Thanks!


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