Monday, August 17, 2009

Paper flower arrangement

Making paper flowers has been my passion since I learned this art during the summer break before joining college. I did incorporate my imagination to the basic art I had learned. Its amazing how you can create amazing pieces of art once you set your heart into it.
This creation was inspired by a fresh flower arrangement recently given to one of our neighbors on her 50th birthday.

Double crepe paper - Pink color 1 sheet for petals.
Double crepe paper - Green color for calyx
Floral tape
18# wire - 5 pieces each about 6 inches long
Wire cutter
Pebbles - about 2 bags
Round transparent glass vase
Baby breath flower stems artificial - 2

All the material is easily available at craft stores like Michaels.
To make rose first cut out the petals as per the template.
For one rose you will need about 11 petals. Take the stem, roll one petal entirely on the stem at the center using glue. Its better to use a painting brush to apply glue. Add the next petal making sure its opposite to the previously added petal. Once you have fixed five petals and it starts looking like a rose bud which is just starting to open, take another petal roll the sides using a toothpick. Fix the rest of the petals in such a way that they face each other and on putting the last petal it looks like a complete rose. If you feel the rose is complete after fixing the 10th petal there is no need to put the 11th one. Make sure height of all the petals are same.
Turn the flower and fix the calyx on the stem. Calyx can be cut using the template on the green double crepe paper. Fix it using glue.
Cover the stem using floral tape. Make the rest of the 4 rose flowers using this technique.

Now fill the glass vase with the pebbles, keep a little aside for later use.
Put one rose in the center and rest four on the sides in a symmetrical pattern. Fill up the vase with baby breath stems. You might have to cut the branches based on the height of the vase and to use as a filler in the arrangement. Once done, fill up the vase with rest of the pebbles to give a perfect finish. Your arrangement is ready. Enjoy your morning with the lovely roses at your breakfast table.


  1. What beautiful flowers, look like real ones

  2. Just love this !

    1. I was looking for craft ideas for the children at my church for a fund raiser. Glad I found this site. Thank You for Sharing!..gracie


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