Thursday, July 10, 2008

Craft Ideas for All

Craft Ideas for All (CIFA)  is a blog for all things creative. We share our craft ideas and provide step by step tutorials for crafts  varying in difficulty and interests. This blog is a platform for us busy moms to share our creative world with fellow artisans and all others who share our passion for all things creative.

We recently opened our ETSY shop Navanka Creations where we sell our handmade creations. We love to make custom orders. Contact us at or for any questions.

A few words about the CIFA team :

As unique as everybody else, I like to live my life surrounded by family and friends. Creating gives me immense satisfaction, whether its paper quilling, clay flowers or just any new medium I get to try my hands on. I am a busy stay at home mom and am learning to live life as it comes with a smile on :)

Very passionate about creating crafts to amaze myself and people around me. It gives me immense pleasure when I create something new. I believe that "A thing of beauty is joy forever"

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