Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tissue paper Valentine's day greeting card

The best Valentine's day card I ever received -

I love you Mom, I love you Dad, such beautiful emotions....
All kids express these precious feelings one way or other almost every day. Valentine's day gives an opportunity to express these feelings to your loved ones in a special way.
My daughter, who is not even a preschooler yet, made this on her easel. She said she is making this for her Papa (Dad)ans later she changed her mind. She says it is for both you(mommy) and Papa. Along with that came a warm hug.

I always feel that it is the thought behind any card or a gift that counts more than the card or gift itself. This is the first time she made a Valentine's day card all by herself so I thought of sharing the process of creating it. As it is the thought of a 3 year old that makes this extra special.

My daughter loves crafts specially anything to do with paper and stickers. She keeps cutting paper a lot with safety scissors. She also likes experimenting with different kinds of craft glues. Glue stick and and a pointed tip craft glue are her favorites. She is quick to reject a glue which does not stick quick enough.

She told me to make a big heart on the paper on her easel. I made it with a pink crayon. Then she wanted pink and red tissue paper. She kept cutting them. They were not uniform shapes but roughly 1 inch rectangle or squares.
Next she asks me I want to decorate this heart with these papers. "Mommy Tell me how my can do it?" (her exact words, she keeps switching my and I).

I told her to keep folding one piece of the tissue paper she cut so it becomes a
little ball. Then glue to the boundary of the heart. I didn't specify any pattern with red or pink. I thought it would be more than enough if she tries to stick on the boundary I made. Not expecting much of it I went away to do my daily chores. Surprisingly, she kept doing it for sometime with lot of patience.Then she got tired. Took a break for may be about 5-10 min. Then she was back at her craft activity (as she calls it).

After sometime she comes and says I put some blue on it as I love blue mommy.Then she asks for a flower sticker saying that she wants to make "the heart beautiful". I said it is very beautiful as it is. She says, the heart is empty. I want to make the heart full with beautiful big flower.
So the flower you see is to "make the heart beautiful".

When it was all done she says I love you Mommy...I made this for "Heart day" for you and Papa. Thanks to the playschool that kids this age know Heart day (Valentine's day as they make heart crafts in school too).

I wrote the details here as I truly enjoyed the entire process of her creating this cute little toddler craft. It definitely melt my heart and filled with more love than ever. The whole thought process was as beautiful as the craft was.
We are both so proud of her little creation.We love you too sweetheart.

Supplies needed: A loving heart and a willingness to create something for your loved one.

Hope some of you might find inspiration and create something beautiful for someone you love this valentine's day.


Tip: You can frame a greeting card for it to last long and see it more often.This one is going right into a frame.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Party Decoration Craft Paper Pom Poms

Last few weeks were really busy. We made a lot of crafts. It is just that there was little time to post. Had been busy crafting and cooking. It was my daughter's birthday. Yay, she is 3 now. Really enjoying the terrific 3, most of the times(I do have my meltdown times and she has hers).
Well, to begin with I thought let me share the craft which is really easy, quick, doable, budget friendly and beautiful at the same time. This paper pom pom craft, when done in a group of 5,6 or more really sets the mood of the party. Be it a birthday party or Valentine's day party or any other party for that matter. Unique, easy and quick Party decorations are so much fun to make.They definitely make the space lively.

Supplies you will need for one pom pom:

-Tissue paper: 6 sheets of one color (20x20)
-Cloth wrapped wire or long wire ties : 1
- Fish line or any transparent thread

Refer the above pictures. You might not need to read the instructions below. I made these in three colors. Was really tied up and had to make these. Could not take pictures of all stages in same color but you will get an idea of what needs to be done.

1.Take the 6 sheets of the tissue paper, align them and cut in the middle.
Now you have 12 sheets of paper.
2.Fold them in about 1 inch or 3/4 inch accordion folds.
3.Tie them in the center as in the picture, using the wire. Make sure you secure
them well.
4.Attach the fish line to the wire. Decide on the length based on how much you need
for the display.
5.Cut the ends of the tissue paper to give a flary effect. You can make it pointed
or scalloped.
6.Now open the sheets one by one in such a way that when all is open you have a full
round or sphere.

Have fun.

Tip: Decide the color based on the theme of your party. For example,shades of Pink for a girl's birthday party.

I chose pink, white and blue for a Princess birthday party for my little girl.(Blue because she wanted, Cindrella's dress. Though I could not get the same shade, you can get one if you plan a little early).

While opening you might try to open one sheet on top and one at bottom and repeating till all the sheets are open.


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