Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thank You Readers !

Dear Readers, Followers and Friends,

 Its celebration time for CIFA team ! With your support, encouragement and motivation ,our Blog now has 90 posts and got more than 55,000 hits.Thank you all so very much. Your readership, comments and invaluable suggestions for new projects keep us going.

We are happy to tell you that apart from the readers from around the globe, our creations have been  featured in multiple craft websites as well.  Our search page rankings have improved too and we get excited when our craft work like Pencil Shavings art, Spray painting and Quilling projects appear in top search results.

We have been trying to ,make our blog more interactive and easy to share. We are on Facebook at  Craft Ideas For All . You can follow us on Twitter too. We would love to have your input on improving our blog and any specific projects you want us to try. With upcoming holiday season, we will try to post interesting and relevant craft ideas to keep the festivities going.  Please post a comment or send your suggestions at .

We started this blog to share our creative world with all of you and now it has become something very close to our hearts. Recognition of hard work is the sweetest reward and its very heart warming to receive appreciation from people with whom our only connection is passion  for creating something new and beautiful.

Our heartfelt thanks to all our readers and a small shout out to our hubbies for their support and to our beautiful kids who inspire us to make their world beautiful, one creation at a time.

Keep creating and be happy !

- Amrita and Nimisha

P.S. : Nimisha made this cake for her hubby's birthday and Amrita did not get to eat it  :) .

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Finger Puppets- Dragon and Frog

My daughter's recently developed interest in Puppets, motivated me to create these finger puppets - Darry the Dragon and Frumpy the Frog. This is something easy to make, inexpensive and a sure hit with kids. I have tried and tested it with my 2.5 year old daughter. She was so excited throughout the process of making it. Once completed she had them in her hand and was telling stories the whole day. The fact that they open their mouth when she moves her fingers was fun for her.


-A4 sheet paper (white or colored) Red, yellow, green, white or color of your choice.
-Double sided tape
-Wiggle eyes 2 pairs
-Scissors (Parents help kids)
-Black Marker

Step-wise Instructions-

Finger Puppet : Darry - The Dragon

1. Take the A4 sheet Papercolor you want for Dragon. I have used Red.
2. Fold it lengthwise as shown in the illustration to divide in 3 equal parts.
3. Fold one edge over other.
4. Seal the edge with double sided tape.
5. Now fold the resulting shape in half and then again is half as shown. You will get
four equal sizes.
6. Fold the paper in accordion fold as shown.
7. Decorate the resulting puppet with the paper cut out and wiggle eyes as shown in
the above illustration. You can glue the cut outs. Use black marker to make nose.
8. Your Finger puppet dragon is ready.

Finger Puppet: Frumpy - The Frog

Follow the same steps as mentioned above 1 to 6 with green colored A4 sheet paper. You can use any other color also if you like.

The paper cut out for Frog's eyes follow the below illustration.

Glue the eyes.
Make nose using marker.

It is easy to make and lots of fun for kids. It is highly recommended to give it a try. Within minutes you can create something which will give hours of fun.

-Click on the image to enlarge.
-For younger kids, parents can make them. Instead of wiggle or google eyes use paper cut outs black and white.
-You can make your own designs. Let the bigger kids use their imagination to decorate the finger puppet.


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